Planeta Kino

Our mobile app for the Ukrainian Cinema network, Planeta Kino, enables users to browse movies available in theaters then purchase and redeem movie tickets all in one centralized location.
Planeta Kino IMAX
Partnership with
Spiilka Design Buro
Mobile App
Photo: smartphone with registration step

Key Features

Application’s sleek, modern look, designed for one-handed use
Ability to buy tickets and 3D glasses directly through the app
Integrated ApplePay, Masterpass, and Google Pay payment methods
Scannable ticket in-app (no need for printing, etc)
Reminders on upcoming movies and tickets
Bonus program and free ticket on the user’s birthday

Not your average showreel

Our extra-large movie card display gives users a more immersive, powerful movie browsing experience. Movies in the feed are color-coordinated as either In-Theatres and Coming Soon.

Time-saving filters

Instead of wasting time sifting through all the movies, our smart filters feature allows users to find exactly what they’re looking for within seconds.
Image: phones with filters

Keep tabs on wish-list movies

If users see a movie they’re interested in, they can simply press the heart to add to their favorites to be notified with a reminder when tickets go on sale.
Image: phones with favourite films

Zoom In for a Closer Look

With our seat picking feature, users can zoom in on the hall and select the exact seat they want. No more having to rush to get good seats!
Image: phones with zoom in sits

Tickets at your fingertips

With the Planeta Kino app, users don’t have to worry about standing in line to purchase tickets. Just open the app and your ticket will be ready to be scanned.
Image: phones with e-tickets