Motivetica (Motivation + Helvetica) is an iOS application that shows you inspirational quotes in Helvetica and allows users to set the favorite ones as phone wallpapers.
Spiilka Design Büro
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Illustration: robot and shark

Key Features

Creative yet simple interface
Interactive UI to drive exploration
Custom made text input control for user's quotes
Apple Subscription integration
Interaction with dynamic phone wallpapers

Inspirational Simplicity

Application UI is designed and developed with an ultra minimalistic approach that inspires user to explore the content and to create their own.
Illustration: Iphone with Motivetica app on black plastic

It's Black & White

Application supports for the night mode goes beyond just switching colors of the ui and background. When you choose a quote, app will show you a custom preview that exactly matches the look on your phone interface.
Image: iPhone with Motivetica black schemeImage: iPhone with Motivetica white scheme

Quote Designer

We made a simple text input to motivate you as you type. Dynamic and fully responsive font size, automatic spaces and empty zones cut out, and intelligent wrapping ensure maximum fulfillment of the available area while always making it look inspiring and simply awesome.
Image: iPhone with Motivetica on quote construction screen