Access Control platform that gives residents, employees, vendors & guests an easy way to access community doors, gates and garages using mobile app, codes or key fobs. Product suite consist of management software, multiple mobile apps and firmware for hardware devices.
The CloudKeyz Inc
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Key Features

Video and audio calls 2 way between Intercom and mobile phones
Animation and in-app sound for an excellent user experience
Management software for controlling access from the cloud
Bluetooth & Wifi communication layers between products
Firmware for the door controllers and video intercom
Geo fencing, real-time image processing, offline mode support
Top notch security standards to ensure personal data under protection

The CloudKeyz Platform

CloudKeyz opens doors, gates, garages, elevators and any other electronic door with keyless mobile technology, access code or keyfob. Sophisticated and complex technology transformed into set of easy to use tools for property managers, operators and end users.
Illustration: use cases

Keyless Access Mobile App

Mobile app UI adapts to where user are, how close it is to the property and how many doors the property has. It uses advanced triangulation techniques to determine location underground and can communicate with CloudKeyz controllers and readers via bluetooth and wifi.
Image: 2 phones with mobile application

Cloud Screen

Cloud Screen is a video intercom with a two-way video call, access codes and key fob reader for vendors and guests. It is a completely custom product, remotely controlled, yet designed to provide a fully working solution in offline mode.
Image: Cloud Screen connected with mobile app to access

Online Management Software

Property managers and operators can instantly issue and revoke access for employees, tenants, guests and vendors. Detailed access history and analytics combined with CCTV camera integrations gives them unparalleled control over their real estate portfolio.
Image: screens with management admin panel

Service App

CloudKeyz Service App is made for installers or integrators, allowing them to setup and manage hardware controllers and cloud screens. It operates via bluetooth and internet and provides a convenient and efficient way to service and troubleshoot hardware on site and remotely.
Image: 3 smartphones with service app using