Social Media Management platform integrated with multiple social networks that allows you to create, post and track content for your business account. Service features powerful online image editor and educational system.
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Screenshots: PublBox image editor

Key Features

Supports 7 major social networks
Online editor for images with templates
Media Post designing and scheduling tools
Machine learning for content generation
Sophisticated analytics tools
Screenshots: PublBox create post header

Post Designer

Post Designer is built to work with templates that automatically re-shape your content for each social network. You can add text content, images, videos and then schedule or publish it right away. Everything can be done on the same page!
Screenshots: PublBox create post

Content Navigator

Content Navigator is using machine learning algorithms to find the best content strategy according to your business needs. You will get a better schedule for your posts in addition to a solid advice on the content.
Screenshots: PublBox content navigator
Screenshots: PublBox content navigator, desktop version

Smart Calendar

Plan your activity in social networks, see all your scheduled post at a glance and thanks to automatic friendly reminders you will never miss a single date.
Screenshots: PublBox calendar reminder


Publbox collects every bit of important information from your accounts and presents it in a convenient way so you can review the audience growth, involvement, and the most popular posts.
Screenshots: PublBox dashboard with graphs
Screenshots: PublBox dashboard with most popular posts

Design Editor

A custom built image editor helps you design stunning images for your posts. You can build them from scratch or use one of the beautiful templates built for every occasion. You can also design and publish covers and brand pictures to your social pages.
Illustration: PublBox design editor on big Mac

Marketing Education

In order to improve your Social Media Marketing skills you can take a special course of more than 100 lessons explaining the basics of working with social media networks including strategy, promotion, and building unique content.
Screenshots: PublBox education page

Mobile App

Companion mobile app allows you to review posts, publication schedules and access complete analytics reports.
Screenshots: PublBox on mobile devices